COP26: How can global forces help Pakistan’s economy on its decarbonisation journey?

5 takeaways on how Pakistan’s businesses can collaborate with investors, the government, and civil society for decarbonisation.

From the left: Minister Malik Amin Aslam, Saif Hameed, Kate Hampton, and Paul Simpson. On-screen, from the left: Saleha Asif and Farrukh Khan. Photo credits: Altruistiq

“We need to support communities that are not well-off but are part of the formal economy. It is crucial from a human development perspective in addition to a climate perspective.” — Kate Hampton, CEO of Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

“It is not just a question of money, it is the question of having the knowledge base and the tools available locally for those smaller and larger companies to make the shift.” — Farrukh Khan, CEO of Pakistan Stock Exchange



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